Summer Happenings at Pomeroy Inn & Suites

posted by: Holt Humphrey on September 4, 2013 11:19:53 AM
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It has been a busy summer here at the Pomeroy Inn & Suites brand office; from rodeos and festivals to road shows and hotel openings, so if you haven’t seen the team out and about, you obviously haven’t been at the best summer events.

The good times started with a bang during Stompede week here in Grande Prairie.  It all got going on Thursday (May 30) with our 2nd Annual Pomeroy Inn & Suites charity BBQ in support of Encana’s Race Against Hunger initiative.  As with last year, the BBQ was a huge success raising $1300 and donating thousands of lbs. of food all over Alberta and BC. After the BBQ it was on to the Friday night VIP tent at the Chucks. The night was filled with great food, great friends, and a great showing from our Pomeroy Inn & Suites rider, Mark Sutherland.

Three weeks later was the second annual Pomeroy Guitars & Wagons weekend. Quickly becoming the go to concert event of the summer in Grande Prairie, this year saw Doc Walker and Corb Lund take the stage and entertain everyone in attendance.

For those of you fitness buffs out there, this summer also saw the return of the Pomeroy Inn & Suites Race Series. This year’s series saw five races (up from last year’s three) with over 500 triathletes taking part, staying fit, and having fun.

July 5 was the biggest day of the summer for Pomeroy Inn & Suites. Not only did Mark Sutherland run our tarp at the 101st Calgary Stampede, but we welcomed another hotel into our family; Pomeroy Inn & Suites at Olds College officially opened its doors. Located on the grounds of the beautiful Olds College campus, our Full Service Pomeroy Inn & Suites in Olds, Alberta has the spirit of a friendly rural lodge with the modern amenities of a big city hotel.

As you can see the summer of 2013 has been a busy one here at Pomeroy Inn & Suites, but busy isn’t bad…busy is exciting!


Triathlon Teaser

posted by: Becky Leis on June 22, 2012 5:03:32 PM
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As we gear up for a weekend out at Evergreen Park for the Pomeroy Inn & Suites Guitars & Wagons Weekend, I want to take a minute and reflect back on our fantastic Triathlon that ran (swam, and biked) last weekend in Grande Prairie.


The event went off without a hitch! Here is a teaser photo from the swim….




More photos will be posted soon on Facebook and also shared in high quality with all of the participants! In the meantime, here are links to our photographer, Heather’s blog, where she shares some of her favourite photos from the day!


These photos come from the two lovely photographers we had in attendance. They both wrote blogs about the event, and I wanted to share an excerpt from the second photographer, Shari’s blog ( A wonderful story fit for Father’s day!



This morning, H & I woke up ridiculously early.  H was photographing the Pomeroy triathlon and she hired me to be her assistant.  I was basically in charge of taking a few shots of the pool from the stands, random shots of people in the transition area and then pictures of each athlete as they crossed the finish line at the end of their run.


We were waiting on one runner.  He was very far behind the rest of the group.  Eventually, they started the medal ceremony and H had to go shoot it.  I was left at the finish line by myself.


It took a while but I realized, eventually, that there was a family behind me.  I asked the young girls if they were waiting for their dad.  They were.  The man's wife explained that the man I was waiting for is a runner but had never participated in a triathlon before.  And, he signed up for the Olympic distance, not the sprint.  This means, in addition to his swim, he had to bike 40 km and run 10 km.

I was beat just thinking about this.


Then, his wife informed me that he only made the decision to sign up for the triathlon two weeks ago.  Not much time to train for such a huge undertaking!


After hearing the story, I told the girls that if they wanted to head down the path, they could wait for their dad and then cross the finish line with him when he passed by them.  At first, they thought I was crazy but then their mom told them that, if they wanted to, she'd go down with them and wait.


Here's what happened next...


The mom, her stroller & baby, and two small girls started to head down the path.  They got a short way down and the mom, stroller and one girl turned back, heading towards me, while the other ran like heck down the path, away from the finish line.


Her dad was coming towards her.


She ran all the way to him, grabbed his hand and ran the 1/4 km to the finish line with him.


I said to his wife, "That's awesome.'


She said, 'No, that's the best father's day gift ever.'


While no one else was around to cheer this man on, I don't think he cared.  They were so proud of him and I'm sure it was his greatest father's day to date.





Introducing We Go North!

posted by: Becky Leis on April 12, 2012 12:02:41 PM
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We are very excited to announce the launch of our newest initiative in tourism,!


For those of you who don’t know what We Go North is all about, the site is an initiative funded by the Rural Discovery Destination Marketing Fund dedicated to promoting tourism in the Peace Region and surrounding northern areas. welcomes businesses, attractions, events, and other tourism organizations to work together to promote our area and who knows our areas better than our local businesses and residents.


We are asking Local Businesses to create their FREE business page listing on the site which will be linked directly to their community. Think of this as sort of a Trip Advisor for Northern businesses.

The site will also host an extensive list of events in our regions. The extremely user friendly layout allows users to easily search for events / accommodations / restaurants / shopping, etc., and will no doubt quickly evolve into the best tourism resource for all visitors to our area.


If you are a business in the Peace Region, you may have already received the lovely brochure in the mail. (pictured below) We hope you had a chance to check out the site and register for your listing! If not, you can register here:


Also – don’t forget to check out the We Go North Facebook Page



Wednesday dubbed the worst day of the work week. I mean who really likes Wednesday’s anyways? They are not quite as in your face and looming as Monday is or nearly as exciting as the ever loved Friday. Rather they are a reminder that you are only half way through the work week. With this in mind we created a fun way to celebrate the dreaded mid-week Wednesday. And quite frankly we love Wednesdays!

Welcome our newest segment entitled Wandering Wednesday’s. Here we will feature various travel features like this one entitled “Where in the World are the Pomeroy Mitts?” We’ll post it and the first person to correctly guess our mittens location wins a prize. Let’s start with an easy one! We are looking for the city and event name. Ready, set, guess!  


Guess the city and event and you win!



Daley Isley: The Man, The Moustache, The Legend

posted by: Becky Leis on December 2, 2011 2:54:04 PM
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Daley Isley: The Man, The Moustache, The Legend

After receiving notice that our very own Dale Isley (General Manager, Pomeroy Inn & Suites Fort St. John) was named Mr. Movember, Fort St. John I knew I had to try to get an interview! Luckily our people know his people.

Here is a bit of our conversation with Mr. Movember …

What made you decide to participate in Movember?
I’ve been involved in Movember in Edmonton for the past 3 years, however this is the first company I have been with that has allowed me to grow facial hair. In the past the hotels I have worked for have been  really specific as to their brand standards which didn’t allow for participation to that level. It also became really important this year as my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in April, so opportunities to give back in anyway have become pretty important.

Was this the longest length of time you have gone without shaving your face? If not, when was?

Did you have a specific “Mo Style”, that you were going for?
I was going for the “Tom Selleck”, but I think it more turned out the “Burt Reynolds”.

Who is your mustache idol? Tom Selleck, although if Movember was a two month gig, I’d surely be striving for the Lanny McDonald. Even though my hair is brown, my moustache came out surprisingly red.

What is your favourite type of food to get stuck in your mo?
Easy…Cherry Pie!

Was it hard to part with your prize winning mo on December 1st?
It was pretty devastating actually. If it wasn’t for the great ladies at the Barber Shop (located in the parking lot of the Stonebridge Hotel) donating their time to give straight blade hot shaves at the Movember Gala, it would have been extremely difficult.

How much money did you raise personally?
I worked a little bit differently this year. As I’m from Edmonton, I joined up with a few of my friends who have all moved away. A friend of mine has opened a pub in Vancouver call the Beaver and Mullet. He asked if I could help with his team “the Movem-beavers” and we raised between the four of us $550.00. I spent more time on awareness campaigns in Fort St.John in a group as a whole than soliciting donations and that may change for next year. That is evident in the next question.

How much did Fort St. John as a whole, raise?
The last total announced was $30,000 which is an extreme amount for this area. With help from a lot of local vendors putting event after event on throughout the month. Specifically, Northwoods Inn did a pizza night where each pizza they sold they contributed $5.00 (if you don’t know FSJ, Northwoods arguably has the best pizza in the area). A gentleman named Neil Evans was able to secure a pilot to donate one hour of flight time for a tour of FSJ that he raffled for a month at various locations around the city and drew at the Movember Gala, and the Lido Theater for donating venue space for opening and closing events, including live entertainment. We don’t have exact numbers, but I was told it was more than Dawson Creek and Prince George combined. The total numbers should be available in a couple of weeks.

Dale Isley, General Manager by day, Mr. Movember by night!!


Road Trip, Waffles & Recycling…. Oh My!

posted by: Becky Leis on October 12, 2011 9:40:36 AM
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Becky’s Bits & Bytes...

Hello all! Allow me to introduce myself… I’m Becky, the new Communications & Marketing Manager here at Pomeroy Inn and Suites. You will be hearing from me lots over the next little while as I explore the Peace Country (& beyond)… and get settled into my new role here!

A big part of getting to know my position is travelling across the Peace, and Northern BC, checking out our different locations. Say it with me…. Road Trip!! I am excited to share with you my travels in the area and other fun and exciting things that are going on here at Pomeroy Inn & Suites and in our communities!

First Stop – Grimshaw !!

Christy, Kim and I piled into the truck early on Thursday morning with Grimshaw, Alberta punched into the GPS. Coffees in hand, the goal was to get to the Pomeroy Inn & Suites…. before we missed out on the complimentary breakfast and waffle bar.

For some of you this may appear to be a mundane Thursday activity, but who doesn’t love to work outside of the office for the day? Plus, I was excited to, not only get a tour of our hotel for the first time, but also to see more of Peace Country on a beautiful fall day. The highlight of the drive for me was the view from the winding portion of Hwy # 2 that leads down to Dunvegan Bridge and across the Peace River. What gorgeous fall colours!!

A short time later we pulled into the parking lot of the Pomeroy Inn & Suites, and noticed someone waving out the window at us, and knew it had to be Vivian, the hotel’s fantastically friendly General Manager! Once inside we took care of some business, and got down to the real business – the waffle bar! This was my first time making a waffle like this and it was genius! Who can resist a freshly made waffle smothered in maple syrup, strawberries and whipped cream?! Even though I saw a variety of fresh fruit and yogurt, I felt the need to treat myself!!

During our visit we also had the opportunity to tour the new Mile Zero Regional Multiplex that is being constructed across the street from the Pomeroy. If you are ever in the area, it is a definite must see – with state of the art facilities, including a full ice rink, community fitness room and an indoor field house. This brand new Multiplex will no doubt become a pinnacle in the community. To read more about the project and opening dates, click here.

Before heading back to Grande Prairie, we dropped off some items to Vivian for the new Recycling Program – and had some lovely models to show off our new recycling bin stickers! We  Recycling! 


(Christy, Left; Vivian, Right)

Next up – Chetwynd !!

I am planning to pack my camera this time and get some great shots along the way to share with you all!! 


Heat of the Moment with Mark Sutherland

posted by: Christy Doucette on August 12, 2011 4:02:09 PM
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It's no secret that the Pomeroy Inn & Suites is a big fan of Mark Sutherland and his racing team. Mark is a former peace country resident who frequently works and stays in Dawson Creek. He is a second generation chuckwagon driver and the son of current World Champion Chuckwagon driver Kelly Sutherland.  This year we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to sponsor Mark and his team for three shows, Grande Prairie, Ponoka and Dawson Creek.

Mark has had a successful career and has worked had to contribute to the sport of chuckwagon racing. This has garnered him a lot of media attention. Recently he was asked to take part in a project called Heat of the Moment which was a part of ShawTV's Saddle Up Stampede show.

Have you ever wonder what is like to be a chuckwagon driver? Well here is your chance to get a behind the scenes look into what goes into this sport.

Video footage from ShawTV Saddle Up Stampede


Mark Sutherland in Ponoka :A Family Affair

posted by: Christy Doucette on July 11, 2011 2:57:19 PM
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Being a chuckwagon driver competing in a $50,000 final dash for cash would be stressful on its own, now couple into that competing against the World Champion who just so happens to be your Dad and also against your uncle. All in another’s day work for Mark Sutherland.  

Mark Sutherland is the official WPCA chuckwagon driver for the Pomeroy Inn & Suites brand and this is exactly the scenario he was faced with last weekend when he raced against his father Kelly Sutherland and Uncle Kirk Sutherland at the 75th Ponoka Stampede.

All in the Family is a video featured and taken from the website that goes through the motions and set up for this historic race. 


Alright Curling Fans we are just days away from the start of the Capital One GP Home and Auto Players Championships! This is a great event and we are so proud to be one of the sponsors of this bonspiel, which begins April 12th through to April 17th at the Crystal Gardens Centre in Grande Prairie.

Held annually since 2001-02, the Capital One Grand Slam of Curling is a series of four premiere events featuring some of the top names in curling from across Canada and the world. 

Among the top team skips who will be hammering it out for the Capital One Cup will be local home town champions Team Koe; Olympic Gold medallists Team Martin; 2011 Brier champs Team Stoughton; Team Canada ‘s Jennifer Jones; Olympic Silver Medalist  Cheryl Bernard; and many other amazing teams.

Don’t miss out on the chance to take in some really great curling!

Tickets are on sale right now at the Crystal Centre Box Office 780-538-0387 or can be purchased online by visiting 

For full information on the draw schedule and times please visit 

See you at the rink!



Spring is here and there is so much to do!

posted by: Christy Doucette on March 18, 2011 2:33:36 PM
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It appears that spring has sprung, finally after such a long winter! Perfect timing too as there is so much to go out and take in this beautiful weekend.  We have a variety of different events going on this weekend so be sure and check out some of these out.


Proudly sponsored in part by Pomeroy Inn & Suites Inc. Vitaemo is a one of a kind unique Ukrainian heritage festival.  Come celebrate all things Ukrainian March 19th and 20th at the Grande Prairie Regional College from 11am – 4pm. Here you can enjoy:

·         Ukrainian Dance Extravaganza

·         Ukrainian Kitchen

·         Kinder Kraine Children's Activities

·         Baba Ana's Children's Art Display

·         Baba's Marketplace

·         Culture In Action Featuring GP Genealogical Society


Admission is free when you bring a donation for the food bank. So go and check out this great event and remember you don’t need to be Ukrainian to join the fun! For more information on this event please visit:

2011 Investors Group Atom Girls Hockey Provincials

The best of the best will face off this weekend for the ultimate title – Provincial Champions in the 2011 Investors Group Atom Girls provincials. Teams from all over Alberta, including Grande Prairie’s own Tigers and last year’s Provincial Champs Sherwood Park Force will battle it out at the Coca Cola Centre here in Grande Prairie. Admission is free and the games promise to be action packed. For more information please call (780) 513-5252.

All games played at the Coca-Cola Centre #6 Knowledge Way Grande Prairie, AB T8W 2V9